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Chiron - Parantajan Matka 💫

Sol W Jonassen (Norja)

Astrologia workshop 17.-19.6.2022 Era Nova sali,

Kasarmikatu 2, 00140 Helsinki
Pe 16-20
La 10-17
Su 10-17

Humans are neither animal or Gods. It seems that we are somewhat in-between. Part animal, part spirit.
We start life’s journey full of life and on that path we encounter many different situations that can either destroy our spirit or make us even more committed to never be disenchanted.

It is called the Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey by many, this quest and the challenge that is life.
In the world of astrology there is an archetype that very much points to the Achilles heel in the horoscope and it is the Centaur Chiron. Also known as the Wounded Healer.

Being stuck in a body, being emotion, can tamper the journey to greatness. Many people are held back by conditions in the body-emotion-mind and the placement of Chiron points to the wound that is stealing energy from the rest of your being.

To work consciously with this wound that was there to begin with can lift the spirit and create new pathways and new narratives about our own life and in relation to our own personal healing journey.

An illness or a block in the energetic flow is always an opportunity to learn and evolve and eventually gain enormous strength and wisdom from the experience.
Join us for this three day journey through your astrological chart, the Chiron archetype and the path to further healing.

The goal is to strengthen the individual and widen the awareness.

Sol W Jonassen has been a professional astrologer since 1999 and has been working with teaching and lecturing since 2007. She is an evolutionary astrologer and has a degree in Soul Flow healing, is a certified healer and meditation instructor and combines all this in her work.
She has worked for a long time with yoga and this will be included in the class.

Ilmoittautumiset: jonnakaroliina@gmail.com
Hinta: 290€, varausmaksu: 50€


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